AirHost ONE Go Green Functions: Hotel Management and Environmental Benefits

AirHost ONE Go Green Functions: Hotel Management and Environmental Benefits

In order to mitigate the environmental impacts caused by the hotels, we initiated the Go Green Campaign and embedded them into the products. Each of the AirHost products will contribute its part in limiting the use of paper, and also make the hotel staff work more manageable. Here are the 4 highlighted functions in the AirHost Go Green campaign. 

AirHost One Function #1: E-Concierge

AirHost E-Concierge. Visit AirHost for more.

E-Concierge would be a great companion for hotel guests.
Traditionally, the hotel front desk will display a rack of tour & local events brochures and flyers. With the E-concierge function, instead of having a hotel staff to assist the guests with this service at all times, the guests can plan and sign up for the events at their fingertips. This service would be associated with other services such as purchasing of theater tickets, tour packages or restaurant reservations. 

AirHost One Function #2: Digital Cleaning Calendar 

Digital cleaning calendar. Visit AirHost for more.
For some hotels and even some businesses, the cleaning staff will have a cleaning calendar on what to do on a particular day. The tasks will be printed out on paper, and the staff will manually tick their boxes if they finish a task. 
However, with the AirHost digital cleaning calendar, hotel staff will receive notifications on their to-do list. The cleaning staff will receive instant notifications when the guests leave the hotel properties or when they need to prepare the rooms for guests. Tasks can be assigned based on needs or presets. Therefore, cleaning staff can proceed to clean the room and save some more time. Hotel staff and cleaning staff can also leave notes on the calendars to keep track of each guest. 

AirHost One Function #3: E-booking of Hotel Facilities 

E-booking for hotel facilities. Visit AirHost for more.
During check-in procedures, hotel front desk staff will be the one taking notes and arranging the guest bookings for breakfasts, pool & gym usage. With the AirHost ONE Hotel Facilities E-booking system, hotel staff can manage hotel facility bookings and reply to guests directly by sending e-notes regarding a specific booking. 

AirHost One Function #4: Cashless Payment Management 

Cashless payment management. Visit AirHost for more.

Cashless payment management is an automatic payment function that meets security standards for handling credit card information securely. No matter where your guests are, we integrate with top payment gateways to ensure fast and secured transactions. 

The payments will be accepted quickly, with safe and secure money transfers. The property owners can check the payment history easily, since the system will constantly update credit card statuses to limit errors. 

Written by: AirHost Marketing Team.