When Can Technology Investment Take Place In Hotels?


Some examples of hotel applications. Source: Money Crashers.

When Can Technology Investment Take Place In Hotels?

Technology investment to foster branding for hotels is becoming a trend. Creating an app could be exorbitant, and there are many other factors that influence the process of app designing.

However, some hotels insist on creating an app by themselves, or collaborating with a third party company to help them create it. The question would be: When should hotels allocate their funds to develop their own applications or utilize a third party technology company?

Technology investment when hotel is ready to adapt to new tech environment

Creating a guest experience for an outstanding brand is no longer unfamiliar to brands, especially when the hotels want to make a deep impression on guests about the quality of their service. Technology investment can be a perk to hotels, since it will make the hotel brand stand out with its distinct features and services. The design, layout, and color of the app can also tell how the hotel can distinguish itself among its competitors. While developing an application, it is also essential to pay attention to making it easy and convenient for guests to use.


The benefits of investing in application design. Source: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/hotel-technology-solutions--how-a-mobile-app-can-bring-your-hotel-more-clients.
When hotels are willing to adapt to the new environment, they can keep up with the latest trends and will not fall behind their competitors. Investment in hotel technology can be useful only when the staff are willing to learn from the operation and management team. With efficient collaboration between teams, the employees will help develop the use of applications and inform their guests about how to use it efficiently.

Using applications to adapt to the market trends and demands

One of the most important factors when it comes to application creation is the software companies that make the app. For hotels who do not have resources, they can invest in third party services. When there are technology companies willing to support the creation of an application, hotels should grasp this opportunity to collaborate. Hotels can choose local tech companies, since they get in touch with these companies when there are technical issues.

Furthermore, hotels design their own applications in order to meet the demands from the industry. The current technological hotel trends such as contactless check-in or data security and breach prevention have mushroomed with the quick pace of advancement. Besides, technology investment can help hotels create customized experiences for guests.


Customizing experiences for guests. Source: Hotel Online.
According to HospitalityNet, hoteliers may utilize their app to collect important information and analytics about guest behavior, which they can then use to develop personalized guest experiences. The application can also generate customer relationships with the hotels from guest loyalty programs, thus reinforcing the brand awareness.


In conclusion, hotels should invest in designing their own applications when there are available software companies to support the hotels, and when hotels want to adapt to the advancing industry. By understanding the appropriate times for hotels to start developing their own app, hotels can allocate funds and resources to thrive.