Green Marketing Powerful Effects On Hotel Performances


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Green Marketing Powerful Effects On Hotel Performances

A large body of research has revealed that the hospitality industry discharges a huge amount of waste into the environment. Several companies are taking steps towards promoting sustainability through green marketing. This is a way to promote their product and to protect the environment at the same time. Today, we are going to explore green marketing benefits and its relations to the hotel guests.

The importance of green marketing in hotel performances

Green marketing has proven to be effective, since it counts towards corporate social responsibility. This is somewhat related to corporate social responsibility, which indicates the activities that appear to dedicate to the society beyond the interests of the firm or obliged by laws. To find more about how hotels collaborate with other social organizations, click here to see our previous article on this topic.


Several green marketing campaigns were adopted by companies. Image source: E2E.

The study by Ho et al. (2021) found that green promotion and green innovation are essential to green marketing strategies. The reason for this effect is that these strategies heavily impact customers’ green consumption, the firms’ profits and performance. Due to the spread of COVID-19, there has been little incentive to perform green marketing between hotels. Yet, this does not mean COVID plays as discouragement to these businesses in carrying out green marketing.


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Besides, the findings by Yadav et al. (2016) also revealed that eco-friendly actions remarkably impact the corporate image of the hotels. To further discover how hotels can improve their branding image, click here. Since numerous businesses have exploited this strategy to promote brand awareness, green marketing also shows a positive impact over guests’ intentions to visit the hotel.

The impact of green marketing on attracting hotel guests

The research by Kumar (2013) showed that some guests can reject using products and be conscious of deleterious consequences on the environment. The guests might disapprove of the production or disposal process from the producers, suppliers, or investors, and thus decide not to use the product. Due to the large amount of waste from the hotel industry, the hotels also need to acknowledge their impact on the environment.


Increase guests’ loyalty with green marketing. Image source: Guestfriend.

Green marketing can also be an effective strategy to lure guests into hotels and increase their satisfaction with the services. Rosenbaum and Wong (2015) found that when hotels achieve sustainability, this sense of fulfillment can increase guest loyalty. Aside from that, they have strong opinions on the reputation of green buildings, satisfying the requirements of residents, and conserving energy. In other words, the guest perception might pertain to the degree to which green buildings understand the true concept of quality of life.

In conclusion, while adopting green marketing, it is important to consider the environmental impacts. Also, hotels should also take actions to tackle environmental issues instead of solely adopting green promotion for outreach or profits.

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Written by: AirHost Marketing Team.